Control blocks reversible and non-reversible (series Б 5000)..
Lighting switchboxes type ЯОУ.
Control boxes for asynchronous engines (series РУСМ5000, Я 5000).

“Reon-Techno” Ltd. produces typical and non-typical low voltage assembly devices (NKU) up to 1000 V in accordance with the documents supplied by the customers, using the parts both by its own production, and Russian, European НVА manufacturers.

We offers low voltage assembly devices for control and automation, which are manufactured on typical and non-typical electrical diagrams in unified (cabinet, drawler, control panel) metal constructs and are equipped by electrical equipment and electrical commutation means in accordance with project documents supplied by the Customer.

We produce a wide range of electric switching equipment and separate control blocks.

High professional level of our experts, the combination of traditional solutions with technological novelties, quality control at the manufacturing stage allow our clients to achieve an excellent result in the price-quality ratio of the products.

To make an order for NKU manufacturing, it is sufficient to:

  • contact our company technical department via phones (8352) 24-24-40 and receive a consultation whenever required;
  • Or to send your technical specifications by fax (8352) 24-24-40;
  • or to send the TS to our mailing address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".

In all circumstances technical department specialists will clarify details of your order and prepare a commercial offer.