«Reon-Techno» Ltd. extends not onby over the entire territory of our country, but also the CIS countries: mostly Kasakhstan, Belogussia, Ukraine, as well as Kirgiziya and Uzbekistan.

Dear colleagues!

We are pleased to introduce ourselves and to provide you with the information about the new developments of «REON-TECHNO» Ltd.

Since 1992 our company has been on the electrotechnical market, providing the development and sales of low voltage electrical equipment and spares for it.

The basis for our successful work on the market is comprised by high level of our professionals’ training, constant quality control, acceptable prices and individual approach for each of our clients.

Our company does not rest with its achievements, but continues its constant development instead. For example, in 1993 the «Lider» Training Center was created, which provides an education and retraining for relay professionals of Russia and CIS countries up to now.

Since 1997, to provide an extra convenience for our clients, a «Torgovyi dom «Reon-Techno» subdivision was created, which provides acceptance of the orders and sells of the manufactured products, which subsequently, in 2009, was renamed to «Reon-Techno» Ltd.

In 2004 the «Reon-Techno» Experimental Design Bureau was founded.

In 2011 we collected Certificate of Conformity for Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.

All these achievements help the company to hold honorable places at electrotechnical products market.

The primary direction of company activity today - is the development of new relay protection devices, which are required for electroenergetics. All manufactured relays are based on microelectronics and are analogues of electromechanical relays, which, up to the present time, are used at energy production sites and plants of various industry branches in large quantities.

has mastered the manufacturing of over 1600 item names. Such spares are used in all branches of industry, especially in the applications, where the control over high power engines (for example, in electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, electrical trains, tram and trolleybus wagons, in elevators), as well as switching of high currents in required.

All contacts are manufactured in accordance with technical documents of the manufacturers, which ensure the quality and switching resistance of the contacts in compliance with GOST 12434 «Low Voltage Switching Devices».

The geographic area of activities of «Reon-Techno» Ltd. extends not only over the whole territory of our country, but also over CIS countries: mostly Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Ukraine, as Kirgizia and Uzbekistan.

Our partners are: Open Joint Stock Company «West Siberian Iron and Steel Plant», Oskol Electrometallurgical Kombinat PJSC, Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Plant OJSC, Sinarsky Pipe Plant OJSC, Lebedinsky GOK OJSC, Mikhailovsky GOK OJSC, Gaiskiy GOK OJSC, «AKEP» LLP and many other companies.


  • Wide range of products

  • Presence of our own production facilities

  • High quality of our products

  • Beneficial terms for cooperation

  • Great market experience

  • Responsible approach to work

  • The quality management system ISO 9001:2008, which is in use in our company, allows for correction of the manufacturing process, therefore constantly improving the quality of our products

  • Qualified personnel

  • Presence of our own Design Bureau, the professionals of which are always ready to provide technical support and consultations

  • Shipment by any means of transportation to any place of our country, as well as to any CIS coutry

  • The possibility to manufacture products based on Your technical design (drawing).

We offer you to consider the possibility of using our products at your company. In case if you have any questions or offers on our products feel free to contact our experts immediately, they are always ready to provide a technical support and consulting, as well as to accept an order.


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